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Corvin tető
Corvin tető
VIII., Blaha Lujza tér 1-2
WEDN-SAT: 21.00-06.00
+36 20 77 22 984

If you have never tried a supermarket elevator run by a lift boy with spirits and beer served in it, or haven’t been on the original steps (full of decals and graffiti) of the former „social realist” Corvin supermarket, or you are simply curious, how the logo of Kaisers and the Statue of Liberty look like next to each other, Corvin Terrace is for you.

From the huge roof terrace - open in Summer until morning - you can have a unique view to the roofs, the neon ads, the huge cranes working, and the hills of Buda, as well. From Autumn till Spring you have to go one floor down to an indoor area bathed in red light reminding you of the colours and shapes of the 1980’s. And then we haven’t mentioned the wide selection of electronic music, which is one of the strong points of Corvin Terrace.

On Tuesdays Irie Maffia, a refreshing example of Hungarian reagge-dancehall is on stage, the now already classic Rewind series (together with the Palotai and the Cadik duo known from Trafo and West Balkán, among others) but let’s not forget to mention Naga and Beta, the prominent representatives of Hungarian minimal techno.

For people crazy about retro, and looking for unique things we recommend the shop in Társalgó cocktail bar, where you can buy clothes of Hungarian fashion designers and Corvin Terrace souvenirs. Fanatics of sustainable development and rummaging can get new things by way of barter (you can take as much as you bring). You can also have private parties here.

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