Anker´t - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -
VI., Paulay Ede u. 33
MON-SUN: 15:00-3:00
+36 30 360 3389

While the 7th district is under a constant siege of the stag hordes, it’s enough to cross Király Street to find yourself in Terézváros, immediately experiencing a certain kind of peace that dwells – worthy of the UNESCO World Heritage site Andrássy is, but far from bourgeois, to say the least.

In a few years, Paulay Ede street became one of the most important hidden pathways of our party district, matching the secret side streets of Prague and Vienna where locals hurry, avoiding the crowds and going about their business. Anker´t, skilfully hidden while remaining one of the largest ruin pubs up to this day, is the place for those who know what they are after. Among these walls, members of local subcultures from slammers to vegans, zine-enthusiasts to LMBTQ activists can feel themselves at home the same as the Budapest expat youth, and if we’d ever get hesitant about the best way to enjoy ourselves, we can still trust the resident event managers to get the proportions of garden calm, hip culture and some evening dance just right.
Despite its coarse beginnings, Anker´t, celebrating its fifth b-day this year, has become a major institution of mature hipsterism. Though the posh minimalist-industrial design comes with prices just above the average, it is worth mentioning that this is, indeed, one of the last bastions of the cultural mission, once an essential part of the ruin pub industry.
That’s where the STB slam poetry nights have been gathering clapping-snapping-stomping masses for the past three years, frequented not only by young talents and enthusiasts but also some pretty unusual representatives of the district’s couleur locale. Anker’t also regularly houses arts events from photo exhibitions to the city’s main zine festival, passing as a movie theater or conference venue occasionally, as well, with a refreshingly colorful crowd circling the halls.
What’s important, Anker’t is not only creating an audience but a community, as well. Popping in for a casual beer, we could as easily end up at a community cooking event as at some workshop on drafting Pilsner, not to mention the regular meetings of one of the capital’s most lively expat clubs. Last year, Anker’t also earned a place on the map of Budapest’s artisan food markets, with the country’s one and only Sunday Vegan Food Market, where violence-free hedonism and a peaceful life is not only celebrated with some of the best all-veg food in town, but with cooking workshops, talks and other exciting pop-up events, as well.