Garzonkert - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -
VIII., Mikszáth tér 3.
MON-SUN: 15-02

A bit on the side of Kálvin tér area, there’s another important meeting point of the cultural and gastro life of Budapest, the neighbourly Mikszáth tér. It gave place to the Brewery Festivals in the past few years, but there’s also Zappa, Lumen and in the place of the former Mixart the Garzonkert, just to mention the most exciting places. We revisited the latter.

Under the number 3 there is this old mansion, a cobblestone way leads us through its gates to inner yard, what is the Garzonkert itself. As it’s open-air, the best seasons to catch the essence of the place are from spring to fall, so we can enjoy this intimate space coloured by flowers and trees.
Though it’s a bit ruinous it’s obvious from the first sight that Garzonkert doesn’t want to be one of the dozens of average ruin bars, it rather proudly bears the marks of the past. So this small difference makes it friendlier, more Pest-like. The garden is shady during the day, but as the sun goes down, it’s lighted by cosy colourful little lights, what presents fantastic background for friendly chats, or maybe a harder night. 
Garzonkert had been opened two years ago, and at the beginning it had buzzy arty and cultural life inside these walls. The inner rooms had been formed for workshops, galleries, and the garden often gave place for small concerts and movie nights.
Well, this always ongoing life calmed down a little bit, and the place became a rather chilled island where you can escape from the noisy city, however it still has acoustic and jam sessions sometimes. On gentle summer nights there’s big nightlife still, as we experienced many times, and actually the hostel is still going at upstairs, still attracts foreign writers, artists.
The ranges of offers are decent. There are craft bears, however it’s not their specific profile, the have tasty Hungarian vines and special pálinkas from manufactures, and rumour says the coffee comes from the neighbour Lumen’s roaster, what is a quality guarantee. They offer lovely fruit cocktail coolers in the summer, and hopefully they’ll serve warm, spicy mulled wine in the winter. But the experience would not be complete without anything to eat.
There’s an open grill in front of the bar, what had been touched by the burger revolution so they have various homemade burgers, what are absolutely stand in this competitions, in terms of look, smell and taste. In the other hand they have some grill specialities and sandwiches what worth to try. 
Long story short, just pop in, it’s very hard not to like this place. Feels like we’re ever been friends.