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Mazel Tov
Mazel Tov
VII., Akácfa utca 47.
M-FRI:18:00-02:00; SAT-SUN: 12:00-02:00
+36 70 626 4280

A few years ago we were talking with some friends about the funny situation that the ruinpub-land that used to be the Pest Jewish district still hasnot produced too many places that fits the ruinbar scene but is open towards progressive, urban Jewish culture and cuisine.

Luckily, this situation has changes since then: we have the very nice street food buffet car with Ricsi, and of course Mazel Tov, with its sophisticated interior, its rich choice of food, drink and programmes, which defines itself as an entertainment garden.
The conception is so simple and clear-cut as the place itself: let’s create a place in the Seventh District where you can get really high standard service, where one can sit down before, after or instead of dinner or a party, dressed up properly or even with a dog.
The cuisine is Middle Eastern, which means they have a lot of hummus, felafel and couscous, and a selection of food in pita, on skewer, and a lot of salads. Their lemonades are also not likely to bore us: in addition to the usual combinations, you can have one with strawberries, watermelon, or even kiwi.
All the interior decoration in Mazel Tov mirror a well thought out and nicely executed conception, as well as their homepage, the menu, and the whole of the graphic design. Interior decoration was done by the people from terv81: our favourite bit is the lights console stretching over the entire courtyard.
Mazel Tov delivers a proper response to the question about what a restaurant in the middle of the ruinpub area and the Jewish district has to look like. Although the food isn’t kosher, the whole atmosphere, the selection of foods make it eminently possible to imagine we’re in the Middle East. And if we go and touch the section of the old Budapest ghetto wall at the end of the courtyard, we can even connect with history a bit.