Doboz - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -
VII., Klauzál utca 10.
TUE-SAT: 17.00 - 6.00
+36 20 449 4801


For those who think that the party district only consists of Kazinczy Street and the fifty metres around it, we’ll say this: it’s well worth exploring a little bit further, even just in the seventh District.

To Klauzál Street, for instance: this is especially recommended for those who enjoy those unbelievable contrasts in Budapest. And what could be more surprising than Doboz (Box) 
appearing from behind the dilapidated street front?
Doboz has one of the most trendy interiors (the eponymous red box installation in front, and the statue of King Kong, with his eyes lit up, by Miklós Gábor Szőke) among Seventh District ruinpubs, which is not by any means a mean feat. Every little detail in the almost 1000-square-meter place is carefully constructed to serve the nearly 1500 people who can fit in there – and therefore Doboz defines itself as a ‘premium ruinpub’. 
Miklós Gábor Szőke did not only the central installation, but also the building’s façade and the decoration of the central bar, and the iconic logo of Doboz was designed by well-known artist Eszter Laki (who took part in decorating a number of other clubs in downtown Budapest). The choice of drinks is so enormous that we’d have to have a bartender’s advice to choose what’s right for us. Everyone can find the room he or she likes in the bowels of the one-time residential building, but you can also do a real house party in a room dedicated to just that.
Those who just end up here spontaneously should, however, take into account Doboz’s dress code! But once inside, no one goes thirsty or hungry: the grill bar offers all the current favourites of the Budapest nightlife from hot dogs and quesadillas to hamburgers.

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