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XIV., Városliget krt. 2.
M-W:11-22; FR-SAT: 11-24; SUN:11-21
+36 30 351 5217
Among other things, the reason it's great to do a webpage about ruinpubs is that you come upon a lot of interesting trivia about the city's history. In Városliget (City Park), we have more than once seen an ivy-covered building by the lake: we had to go to this new place called Saddle (Nyereg) to learn that it used to be an artesian spa, and later functioned as a patrol station for mounted gendarmes.

This, of course, makes perfect sense when you look at the name, and also when you see the saddles next to the bar, on trestles, where you can sit down comfortably. If you prefer other rides, and arrive to the park on a bicycle, there is ample bike parking for you.

For those who choose Holdudvar over WNDRLND on Margaret Island, we can heartily recommend to check out this place alongside the others in Városliget, Kertem and Pántlika: Nyereg is a place where all age groups can have a pleasant time -- and the refreshments to go with it.

As brand new dog owners, we're glad to see them welcome the dog walking people, and those who come with their children will be glad to use the kiddy corner here. Returning guests will find seasonal drink discounts, and sports fans will be happy to hear that from now on a huge screen will show their favorite sporting events.

If you plan an evening out in Nyereg, you might want to make a reservation -- you can do this at their contacts up on their Facebook page.