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Filter Klub
Filter Klub
VII., Almássy u. 1.
TUE-TH:19:04; FR-SAT:19-05
The author here has to confess he had a period in his life when he loved basement rooms, and one of his favourites was Mőhely in Almássy street.

Once a lot of beer and theatrical attempts went down in this basement (how successful these latter were should be left mercifully undiscussed), and even though the Cultural Center in Almássy square is now closed, the basement remained -- it's only that now they call it Filter.

The vaulted ceiling is now covered by a jungle of plants and the tubing of the air vents, the wall is full of graffiti, and you can sit down on run-down furniture familiar from ruinpubs. The place of fiery-eyed artists and performers is taken over be equally fiery-eyed musicians, but the most important points remained: beer is cheap, there is always a promotion on one or other of the drinks, you can play fussball, and you always know the people at the next table.

The audience changed too, but the flow of philosophical conversation is, again, the same. As is the stage, where some band performs nearly ever day: rock and ambient acts are the norm, but we can also find ska, reggae, dub, or meet the PASO Sound System, and hardcore Depeche Mode fans can attend a Depeche Mode club every Friday.