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Gondozó kert
Gondozó kert
VIII., Vajdahunyad u. 4.
M-SUN: 13-02
+36 30 619 5447

Since (due to well known reasons) it is not possible to operate an entertaining unit in Tőzraktér, the barmen from there found a new courtyard and a new job for themselves in the Eighth District. This is Welfare Garden in Vajdahunyad Street, beyond the circle of the Nagykörút.

It is difficult to consider the circumstances idyllic here: right across the road there is a homeless shelter (this very building used to be a social welfare center), and due the neighbors the volume of the music needs to be kept low – but don’t let these scare you off, because the spectacular decor and the intimate atmosphere make it totally worth checking this out.

Ivy climbs up the great big fire wall, and the whole thing is further decorated by light painting (making one think of the old West Balkán, in the good old days behind the Corvin cinema), and in time there will be a small fish pond as well. (Also a youth hostel upstairs, and a concert hall in the hangar.) What they already have is fussball, live jazz every Thursday, and DJs on Fridays and Saturdays.