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Kőleves kert
Kőleves kert
VII. Kazinczy u. 37-39
M-S: 12-02
(+36) 1 322-1011

The history of Kőleves kert (Stone Soup Garden) illustrates perfectly how things are changing in the 7th district of Budapest.

In the place of the earlier Little Duck Restaurant, now we have Stone Soup´s own restaurant, but the next building has disappeared: the empty gap in its place is, however, a perfect space for an open-air pub.

Although last year it wasn´t easy to balance your drinks while maneuvering with them from the bar to the brightly colored garden chairs in the deep layer of pebbles (and this hasn´t changed a bit this year either), Kőleves kert still remains one of our favourite places downtown. Looking at its customers one sees that it is frequented by students from across the road, the Hungarian Dance Academy; but a lot of children appear to bring their parents here too -- in the afternoons, these young customers play on the swings hanging from the roof of the central bar, or the children´s corner.

In the evenings, ashtrays and blankets are produced, the cycle rack is full, and the usual pub-going audience turns up, taking turns in the restrooms (which look like a villaga outhouse). There is a certain very peaceful feeling to this, not unlike (again) what you get in the courtyside: it´s like a photograph of a village pub, taken in our childhood (where the grown-ups had their beer and cigarettes, and we, the kids, some ice cream and juice) was colored and pasted in the middle of an album of the deteriorating-developing 7th.

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