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Csendes Vintage Bar
Csendes Vintage Bar
V., Ferenczy István u. 5,
M-W:10-24; TH-FR:10-02; SAT:14-2:00; SUN:12-0.00
+36 30 727 2100

The case of the Csendes is a good example of what consequences it might have if we do not visit a catering establishment (thought to be eternal) for long years. Then we are pleasantly surprised if we find something else at its place.

The old “Csendes” (Quiet) – if we are not mistaken – as opposed to its name, infuriated the neighbours by being too noisy and therefore had be to closed down. Csendes Vintage Bar & Cafe, replacing its predecessor, doesn’t stand out from other average pubs by its volume, but by its appearance – its surreal interior is put together from things grabbed about from the garbage. According to the owner’s idea, the place is the continuation of the long list of ruin pubs, considering the selection of programmes, too. Besides the gallery room, which is almost compulsory nowadays, they prepare with a different programme every day of the week (music, film, literature, connected to Radio “Tilos”). And the target is that the Csendes should be a restaurant where the old and the young, workers and idlers can also spend their time, can eat and drink, play board games... Dog owners can meet those without one, bikers can meet those travelling by public transport...