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Ellátó kert
Ellátó kert
VII., Kazinczy u. 48
M-W:17-02; TH-FR:17-04; SAT:18-04; SUN: 18-02
+36 205273018

You really cannot go wrong if you open an open-air place in Kazinczy utca.

The ruinpub people are always hungry for new open-air opportunities, and word of mouth will quickly spread among them that a new one sprang up in the 7th district. The latest competitor here is Ellátó kert - but its furnishing and atmosphere will make us feel at least as much at home here as in any of the older neighboring places. On a warm afternoon we drink tonic water here (as the latest hit of ruinpubs, lemonade is not yet available here) and think that its decor is slightly similar to Fecske, or that it reminds us of the good old Kultiplex garden (it was so important to raze that to the ground a few years ago -- there is still nothing but an empty slot littered with trash in its place).

Concentrating rather on Ellátó kert, one of its inevitable advantages is table soccer indoors, and the kitchen (with taco dishes and chicken) is also promising. There is ain indoor part too, which holds the greatest trump card of all: the cleanest bathroom in the whole neighborhood...

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