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Fogas ház
Fogas ház
VII., Akácfa u. 51
M-SAT:14-04; SUN:16-04
+36 1 783 8820

With an adventurous step in March 2017, the inevitable place of parties of the Budapest nightlife, Fogasház and Fogaskert reopens with a grandiose club complex.

Fogasház, then a bit later Fogaskert too originally opened on Akácfa Street in 2009. Their first two years had a great deal of exciting cultural events, workshops, film clubs, exhibitions, theatre, and of course parties of all sorts of music. As the years went by the cultural events got rear, most of these moved to Jurányi or MüSzi, so they became mainly music club, with from the quiet evening acoustic gigs to the night DJs of all kind. Thematic parties or current bashes, for all it was worth, and still is. 
The lively and so popular Instant in Nagymező Street had been founded in 2008, but their lease expired at the beginning of 2017 and the landlord decided to open a hotel instead. So their fairy forest had to be moved to Fogasház to start a new chapter of nightlife there, together. They don’t just merge, but will live together hand in hand. Both places will keep their profile and facade. In the building of Fogasház the Instant carries on with their parties and Fogaskert stays untouched, just like Lärm upstairs and the Liebling restaurant and roof terrace. As an addition they’ll open new rooms too, what were hided in the last years, unused cellars and offices in the building will be refurbished and will be attached to this complex. It’s an additional 1200 square meter, so there’ll be room for all of us. 
But there’s even more then just the flare. The lovers of the underground electro can start to worry, they won’t sleep even on the weekdays, Lärm will be open every single day, with an additional room. But the lovers of rock will also be pleased, Robot, the once favorite place of musicians moves here too with a cool stage as a real rock club. 
Interesting and exciting to see how a one-room underground ruin club became the biggest and the bravest concern, the first grandiose party venue in the capital, what had never be seen here before. We are pretty sure they won’t let us down with the newnesses. 

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