Kertem - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -
XIV., Olof Palme sétány 1.
M-SUN: 11-04

Many things disturbed the peace of mind of the Hungarian people in the last few years by the government, but there always were a few sanctuaries, cool little places where we could calm down and chill out. One of these remaining places was Kertem in the City Park, on the Olof Palme avenue.

This part of Pest is covered with way too much concrete, therefore it’s vital to have a bigger park with trees and green fields, not just for having fresh air, but also to run the stir about kids and dogs. The goal of Liget Project is to replace the century-old trees with hypermodern buildings and move some of the big museums into them. The preliminary work has been started already. The basic idea would not be that bad, think about the museum district of Berlin, but it can strongly be questioned regarding the structure of Budapest. Especially because in return of banishing the museums from the Castle Hill, the government wish to locate their headquarters to their places. The symbolism of this act highly pissed the citizens off. Government up, museum down, Kertem off. 
Thanks to the intignation and union of the citizens, the cultic Kertem got a chance for a new start, actually a pretty nice chance, on the field in front of Olof Palme House. The Olof Palme House aka. the House of Hungarian Artists is bit dingy but finely ornamented aged building, a very nice background of the old familiar bar, there are colourful chairs and tables everywhere, nice little lamp festoons hanging from the big old trees. The word ‘garden’ (Kertem means my garden in Hungarian) lost its meaning as there are no fences around. Without them Kertem feels so spacy and open. When we were around, just as usual, the place was busy and full of lively people, DJ Panda’s lovely music was at the background, the fröccs was ice cold and fresh summer breeze sat in around us.
They have the well-known range of drinks, they moved their food truck as well with their amazing burgers by the old recipe. Maybe it was just us who got surprised, but they have a “help yourself” ice cream stand too, where you can scoop interesting taste combinations for yourself. If you loved the old Kertem, or you haven’t tried the new one so far, you must have a look around, have a nice drink, chill out a bit on this atmospheric, close-to-nature place. We do hope we will enjoy Kertem for a long long time.