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VI., Király u. 46.
M-W:15-03; TH:15-04; FR: 15-05; SAT: 16-05; SAT: 18-03
The recipe of Kuplung: buy a big lounge in a rising street of Pest; give it to different art groups, where they can create in the daytime, and make programs at night; put down two bars, some benches and garden chairs, then watch as it begins to work and operate superbly. Since 2004.
5 years have passed since then, and Király street has become one of the most exciting streets of Pest, where you can bump into the representatives of contemporary art at every step. Kuplung fits into this trend very well, being an ideal place for a nice coffee on the way, to watch sports on TV, or to feast your eyes on the graffities instead.

Meanwhile you can thumb the different program guides, where you can find Kuplung as easily in the ’party’ section as at ’films’ and ’theatre performances’, let alone the ’exhibitions’. Though the design has been changed and the outdoor area has been redeveloped for winter use, the meeting of culture and ’pub-crawling’ is still as fruitful here as at the beginning. Recommended for personal consumption!