Instant - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -
VII., Akácfa utca 51.
M-SUN: 16-06

At some point at the end of 2016 the news had been shoot up; Instant will soon be closed. Panic. What? How comes? Then, the silence. Not long ago rumors started to spread again about the ‘whys’ and ‘how to move ons’, then the announcement: it’ll merge with Fogas

The story of Instant on the Nagymező Street started in 2008, the rise of the age of ruin pubs. They left the original average ruin pub look and conceptually redesigned the whole place in 2010. The renovation made them unique, also waved their reputation around the whole city, the labyrinth of this rampant tale-forest was so atmospheric, just like we all well know it. At the beginning Instant focused on the underground music and cultural scene, they had an art gallery, held book launch parties, run alternative theater, live music, and so on. The downstairs small stage was the birthplace of Random Trip concert series, what now can be sold out on the A38 Ship and in the Akvárium. Their own acoustic concert series, InStart was pretty popular too for many years, not to mention the parties upstairs ‘till the morning. 
But at the beginning of 2017 their lease expired and the landlord would rather have a quiet hotel, so they had to close. But their story does not end like this after all, they just about to start a new chapter, viz with the other Big and Well Known, the Fogas. They, together. They don’t just merge, but will live together hand in hand. Both places will keep their profile and facade. In the building of Fogasház the Instant carries on with their parties and Fogaskert stays untouched, just like Lärm upstairs and the Liebling restaurant and roof terrace. As an addition they’ll open new rooms too, what were hided in the last years, unused cellars and offices in the building will be refurbished and will be attached to this complex. It’s an additional 1200 square metre, so there’ll be room for all of us. 
But there’s even more then just the flare. The lovers of the underground electro can start to worry, they won’t sleep even on the weekdays, Lärm will be open every single day, with an additional room. But the lovers of rock will also be pleased, Robot, the once favorite place of musicians moves here too with a cool stage as a real rock club. 
The unite of these places not just a moving, they change the design a bit. Instant kept some of their cool wallpapers and figures, but the wind blew some pixel clouds form the old school Super Mario to the ceiling of the new place. The walls and the lights are cold pastel colored like in an awesome cyber club. 
Brave and unique movement to open a huge party complex like this, what had not been seen in Budapest before.