The (Neon) Lights of Budapest - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -
The (Neon) Lights of Budapest
n the period when the furniture in our beloved minimal pubs was produced, neon advertisements publicizing the selection of goods or services available in shops were a very important part of the night scenery in Budapest. In the childhood memories of most Hungarian people the neon swan of Patyolat, the pop-eyed owl on top of a book, or the rooster striding on the 'Baromfi' sign still have their place. But as the monopoly of slogans like 'Shoe from a shoe store' was lost, these light ads lost their function, and as their design also didn't quite fit the 2000s concept of 'modern', they were slowly dismantled from their places. Those who are still curious about these relics of Hungarian advertising history can now see them in the courtyard of the Museum of Electronic Technology.