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Garzon Cafe
VII., Wesselényi u. 24
M-W:10-24; TH-FR:10-02; SAT:16-02; SUN:16-23
+36 30 438 7788
Garzon (“Flatlet”) „Flatlet: This is a kind of small, compact type of flat, which usually consists of one room, a small bathroom and a kitchen - kitchenette.” For many of us this kind of flat used to be the first home in Budapest, after living in dormitories and rented rooms for some time.

And the expression “flatlet” has now got a new meaning in Wesselényi Street; there is a café with the same name, which is just as cosy as our nook at home (only there is nowhere to lie down), a place, where we can have our morning coffee (in case we happen to get up after 10 o’clock), where we can sit down in the kitchen or on the sofa in the room if we feel like it, because “Garzon” – as far as its interior is concerned – is more like a small flat than a café. But here you can find more people, the music is louder and the neighbour living underneath doesn’t bang your floor if you live a social life until midnight (or until two o’clock in the morning at weekends). And what is the best about it that the next day it’s not you who has to do the cleaning-up.