Most - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -
VI., Zichy Jenő utca 17
+36 70 248 33 22
A place similar to ruin pubs as well as old-fashioned coffee houses

Slurping your coffee you can just as well read the daily papers, or surf on the net on your laptop at Most because you are welcome here after work in a uniform or in casual bike clothes.

You can enjoy the atmosphere the most appropriate to your state of mind at Most in four different spaces: there is a quiet café, a noisy bar with wooden benches for the crowd, a concert hall and for winter times a mansard. It is the well-applied and thoughtful design that connects these four areas. Most in the 6th district combines perfectly the ambiance of ruin pubs and the trendy atmosphere of Liszt Ferenc square just as like his “small brother”, Jelen in the 8th district. We warmly consider Most for anyone from early in the afternoon to the late nights for a concert, a café, eating out or for a drink. A perfect place for having an intense snapshot of Budapest feeling.