Kisüzem - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -
VII., Kis Diófa utca 2.
M-W:9-2; TH-FR:9-3; SAT:10-3; SUN: 10-2
If you throw a stone in the 7th District, it's sure to hit the door of a ruinpub, but that still doesn't mean it's pointless to open another one. What's more, as the example of Kisüzem (Small Industrial) shows, one can never have enough of places with jazz and exhibitions.

Our newest discovery popped up right in the middle of the 7th District's ruinpub zone, at the corner of Dob street and Kisdiófa street. Apart from the bare brick walls, it can be identified by its emphatic use of concrete -- as strange as that may seem, these two together do not at all make for an unfriendly effect! The only vivid yellow spot in this place thus remains the toilettes.

If we turn from the externals to the inner beauties, we'll see that the seemingly puritanic decor offers a definitely good context for exhibitions -- sometimes the periodically changing pictures on the wall themselves work as the focus, but they also provide a perfect background for the concerts and performers. Like the other ruinpubs around here, Kisüzem regularly takes part in local event series (like the Quarter6Quarter7 Festival) -- it has quickly found its place in the middle of the 7th District.