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Kék Ló
VIII., Víg utca 28.
M-SAT:12-00; SUN: 16-22
+ 36 20 956 4314

The well known and frequently mentioned Kazinczy Street is full of exciting places. The street of ruinpubs, if you like it this way. One of these was the Kék Ló pub (Blue Horse Pub) what was one of the most unique little bar around in this forest of pubs. It was not just an art pub, but much more than that, focusing on designer dresses and accessories. Recently they left that famous street and moved to a new place, so it was time to pay another visit.


The 8th district started to move about a while ago, started to be resurgent, and slowly it peels off its old bad reputation. Thanks to this rehabilitation, or lets say re-discovery, many terribly exciting places popped up on after the other, like Autóra, the Zsiga bár, or in this case right next to Rákóczy Square in Víg Street, the Kék Ló. As Kazinczy Street became more and more popular, the locals and lovers of the district changed too. However, Kék Ló loved the street’s always lively atmosphere, after a while they wished to be in a calmer, untouched area. This how they discovered this not too hided but quiet little Víg Street. Perfect place for them, and the moving had been warmly welcomed by their regulars too. 
The Kék Ló ever positioned itself as a very unique art pub, but actually it’s more than that, it’s a “dress pub”, where Virág Tóth designer’s dresses and accessories are elemental parts of the bar’s atmosphere. The new place gives you the familiar, bit dingy home feeling, just like you pop into your absent-minded mate’s flat. The bar is small but roomy, blue horse figures cover the walls everywhere, bit worn-out furnitures all around. Everything’s mainly blue, purple and golden coloured, what gives a bit of misthical far-east feeling, especially after dusk. With its brick-a-brack small lamps, the loft is a very intimate place to sit down for a chat. 
They re-created the known and loved splendid atmosphere of Kék Ló, always with good music too. The beer and wine list is not too long but interesting, and their offered pálinkas are a must check. As far as we know they opened another Kék Ló recently in Berlin too, a vegan coffee and upcycling dress shop. If you’re around, have a look at it, but untill then, here’s the new Kék Ló Budapest, check it out.