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VII., Kazinczy u. 52/b
M-W:11-03; TH-SAT:11-05; SUN:11-03
+3620 776 0765
You can find everything in Kazinczy street that is really interesting in the inner districts of Pest: leaning on the high brick walls of torn-down tenement buildings, new houses grow out of the earth, neon signs blink on the side of the museum near the synagogue; and between the real classic ruinpubs, like Szimpla Garden and Gozsdu Yard, you'll find 400.

This latest cult place in Budapest opened in the ground floor of a new block, and as its name indicates, it operates on an area of 400 sq meters. Like the building that houses it, it is somewhere midway between real ruinpubs and the elegant cafés of Gozsdu Yard. The staff from Supplier on Klauzál square chose a red-and-black design, with metallic accessories, and some images display the weighty letters of the logo. The furniture is familiar from many alternative pubs.

What is different here, however, is that the bar is actually in the middle, and apart from drinks, you can also order some food, inspired by Serbian cuisine. There are DJs to take care of the music, and apparently the people who live in the building are not bothered by the noise; and the customers of ruinpubs are happy to consume their beer and pljeskavica.