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Home Made Hostel
Home Made Hostel
VI., Teréz körút 22.
Our hostel's name 'Home-Made' reflects one of our main principles, the re-use of classic furniture and equipment that used to be part of authentic Hungarian homes. If you come to stay at our hostel, you will find redesigned objects with a different function that may surprise the traveller.

Our guests sleep in individually designed beds and lofts, sit and lie on nicely and creatively renovated old furniture, read books by hand-made lamps or use sold suitcases as shelves. The traveller can feel the warm, peaceful, cosy and the friendly atmosphere of a home at the hostel.

'Home-Made' is an ideal place for rest during a long and tiring journey. Yet, the hostel is continuously on the move as it permanently keeps changing its character, and you can also contribute to this by bringing along a smart redesign idea which can come into reality.