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V. Ferenciek tere
“A city is not always what guidebooks advertise.” So says contemporary Hungarian writer, Péter Esterházy Budapest is not only the ‘Paris of the East’, with its avenues and apartment blocks radiating history, its museums and its coffee houses with their enormous mirrors. And it was not only the capital of the ‘happiest barrack in actually existing socialism’, with its rundown housing estates and ‘Stalin Baroque’ blocks standing together, side by side.

The city’s legends are known only to those who live here. Uniquebudapest’s team of authentic, young and enthusiastic experts can show you this other, everyday Budapest, the city’s unparalleled, unrepeatable and constantly changing faces. They reveal the facets of this vibrating, sometimes tense but always fascinatingly interesting European metropolis, which can be discovered by tourists and come to life on our walking tours.