Finding the best bars and pubs in Budapest - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -

Hungary is famous for its fine wines and has a wide range of beverages to choose from for the discerning traveller. This is why no trip to Budapest would be complete without visiting the many cool pubs and bars this vibrant city has to offer. You can choose from the thirst quenching brands of lagers such as Soproni or Borsodi, best drunk chilled on a typical Hungarian hot summer’s eve to Hungarian specialities such as Unicum, which will definitely be remembered the next day. And of course, no trip to Budapest is complete until you have had a shot of Palinka or two.

Fortunately there is no shortage of English speaking friendly clubs and bars in Budapest, which makes it the perfect destination for a bar crawl. As a bonus, visitors will also be pleasantly surprised by the cheap prices of alcohol in the Pearl of the Danube.

Budapest is a relatively small capital with excellent transport links which make it easy to travel around. You can get around by bus, tube, tram or even take a river bus down the Danube. Fortunately you can also get around quite easily on foot.

You cannot visit Budapest bars without a trip to The Ruins. The Ruins or ‘Romkocsma’ which directly translates into ‘ruin pubs’ are a flurry of pubs, bars and clubs that have been set up in the old gardens and courtyards of empty and abandoned houses.

Unless you are in the know, you will not be aware that such achingly cool places exist as it is not always obvious from the outside. However, once in you will be glad you came. Perhaps the coolest and most famous bar is Szimpla kert which translates into ‘simple garden’. However, it is anything but simple. It even hosts movie evenings. Located at Kazinczy Utca it is only a short walk from the Astoria metro line in downtown Budapest.

If you like the idea of an outside dance club then check out Buddha Beach which is on the Pest side of the Danube and can be found not far from Szabadság Bridge at Közraktár utca. Nearby you will find Budapest Plage which boasts a host of restaurants and bars on the quay.

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And of course, don’t forget the Hungarian for cheers; egészségére!

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