Szimpla Kert is the third best bar in the world - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -

Even Lonely Planet thinks Budapest has the best bars in the world! On 21 February, 2012, the A38 ship won Lonely Planet´s public vote about the best bars in the world - with 13 and a half thousand likes.

The third spot on the well-known tourist guide´s list is occupied by the first Budapest ruinpub, Szimpla kert , with 4480 likes, while the second place went to a Dutch bar, The White Ape (De Witte Aap) in Rotterdam. The Dutch gave fierce competition for the first place: they organized a huge support party the night before the vote closed, and produced 200 likes an hour. Getting wind of this, the supporters of A38 came stood up too, and the ship won against the 9718 likes the Dutch collected.

A38 thanked its supporters on its homepage, and also congratulated Szimpla, expressing how glad they were that soon after Sziget was declared the best European festival, Budapest showed that we are in the forefront of the world in other respects too.

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