Fun things to do in Budapest - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -

Photo by Andorka, CC BY-SA 3.0

Budapest is one of the most popular destinations for a city break in Europe thanks to its wide range of fun activities that cater to almost every taste. If you’re planning a trip to the Hungarian capital, here are some great ideas to consider. 

Thermal Baths

Budapest is often called the “City of Spas” because it is one of the best places in the world to enjoy a thermal bath. There are dozens of them around the city, so it’d be possible to write an entirely separate article just on them. 
The baths are fed by naturally occurring hot springs and they’re enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. They’re more than just a fun place to go swimming, many people look at them as a source of wellness and an opportunity to destress.
Many are amongst beautiful architecture from the Ottoman era, with large, decorative columns made from white stone. 
Popular options include:
• The Gellért Thermal Bath
• The Széchenyi Thermal Baths
• Király Thermal Bath
• Lukács Thermal Bath
• Rudas Baths
• Dandar Thermal Bath
Tropicana Las Vegas Casino
If you enjoy having a flutter when you’re visiting other cities, then the Tropicana Las Vegas Casino is one of the best options in Budapest. It’s one of three in the city, and packs in more than 150 slot machines, eight roulette tables and four card tables. 
Its selection of games isn’t as wide in some other European cities, but it still has all of the basics. If you have ever played games in one of the many online casinos, you’ll be familiar with the offering available in the Tropicana. 
You’ll find the casino located one block from the river, in downtown Pest, a short walk from the Vörösmarty tér metro station.
Explore Budapest’s Underground Caves
A tour of Budapest’s underground cave network will take you more than 3 hours. As part of it, you’ll get to see the source of the hot springs that provide the water to the thermal baths. 
This tour isn’t for people who are claustrophobic as you’ll be required to manoeuvre your way through some very tight spots, It’s worth it though, as you’ll learn about the city’s geological history that makes Budapest what it is today. 
You’ll be in safe hands though since you’ll be guided through the multi-level chambers by trained and experienced and qualified members of the Hungarian Caving Association. 
Kayak Along the Danube
If you prefer to get through thrills above ground, why not head out to RĂłmai to spend time exploring Danube-Ipoly National Park from a kayak? This guided tour starts with a bike ride to the Nyugati Railway Station, where you’ll board a train to the border with Slovakia. 
Once there, you’ll swap the bike for a kayak. You’ll spend around three hours exploring 12 km of the Ipoly. The exercise doesn’t stop there though, you’ll then jump back on your bike for a ride to some small villages, the Visegrad Castle and a nearby beach. 
This is an activity that’s best suited to those that love to be active while they explore nature. If you prefer a more sedate way to sightsee, you’ll need to pick something else.
River Cruise
In which case, a river cruise might be more suitable. The only exercise you’ll need to do is walk to the boat, unless you want to walk around while you’re on board. Sightseeing cruises that last just over an hour run regularly during the daytime throughout most of the year.
Boats leave from the pier in the centre of the city and are kitted out with bars where you can claim a complimentary drink. They’re also fitted with free WiFi, so you don’t need to wait until you’re on dry land before you upload your photos to Instagram. You’ll also get an audio guide with a choice of most major European and international languages. 
Whatever you’re into, Budapest has a wealth of fun activities from the sedate to the extreme.