Budapest: Capital and Heart of Hungary - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -

Nicknamed “the Paris of the East,” Budapest is full of amazing architecture and a rich culture that set it apart from other travel destinations. If you’re hoping to travel to Europe but don’t want to follow the typica tourist path, Budapest is a great place to visit for an authentic and dynamic trip. From the historic industrial center to the nearby natural thermal hot springs, your time in Budapest will be full of variety and excitement.


Buda Castle

Probably the most famous landmark of the city, Buda Castle sits on a hill overlooking the rest of Budapest. Built during the 18th-century, Buda Castle sustained some damage during World War II, but thanks to restoration efforts it was brought back to its former glory. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s a good place to go if you’re a vacation photographer in Budapest; besides photographs of the castle itself, you can also enjoy exploring the other attractions such as the Hungarian National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum. It would be easy to spend an entire day of your vacation just to see everything there is to view at the Buda Castle.


St Stephan's Basilica

Beautiful inside and out, St. Stephan’s Basilica also offers great views over the city of Budapest when you ascend to the top of the dome. The interior of the basilica is decorated with intricate mosaics; these masterpieces were badly damaged during World War II but were reconstructed and brought back to the state seen today. So long as you’re not afraid of heights, there are elevators that can bright you to the top of the cupola where photographers in Budapest will appreciate the 360-degree view.


Danube River

Dividing the city in half from north to south, the majestic Danube River adds a special quality to Budapest. On the Danube Promenade, you can enjoy the river scenery on the walking path as well as admire the impressive architecture of the city. One spot you won’t want to miss when you come to the river is the Shoes on the Danube Bank memorial; here you will find a series of 60 pairs of shoes crafted from metal in tribute to Jews who were shot here during World War II. It’s a somber but important place to visit when you come to Budapest.


The Museum of Fine Arts

This prominent museum of Hungary is famous for holding one of the largest collections of Old Master’s paintings in all of Europe. The classic architecture style of the edifice is impressive alone, and inside you could spend hours browsing through the various galleries to see the treasures stored within. Travel through time to see artwork dating back to ancient Egypt, view statues, browse through the section dedicated to graphics-especially if you’re an art-lover, the Museum of Fine Arts is a place you can’t pass up when traveling to Budapest.



Full of culture, art, and a vibrant energy, Budapest makes a great place to experience the style of Eastern Europe. Coming here, you might want to consider doing a photo shoot to help preserve all the wonderful memories you’ll have from your trip. Local photographers like the ones from Localgrapher can help you accomplish a successful vacation photo shoot as well as give you tips about places to visit in the city. From ancient buildings to modern charm, it’s all waiting for you in Budapest.