The rooftop cinema towering Budapest - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -
Sure we could choose an open-air cinema by the Danube, and movie classics are also back to theatres both sides of the river, but there are evenings when we just can’t be bothered to leave the centre, and a light breeze with a cold spritzer – or fröccs – seems to be more tempting than any high-tech air conditioner a multiplex could offer. Budapest Rooftop Cinema has been tempting us with this decadent mixture for five years in a row; and this year, it returns with a program even more varied than usual.
Screenings are held at Corvintető (Corvin Club), probably the highest rising underground club of the capital. The fourth and fifth floors of the legendary – and only seemingly dull and blackish – shopping mall at Blaha echo of quality techno most of the time, but this already ten-year –old establishment also serves one of the capital’s most spectacular sunsets in the summer. Not to mention the movies. This year’s program is centered around four main themes, helping us travel far and wide in space and time. 
The Hungarian screenings, organised together with the national archives and, all start with a decent warming-up with the makers – directors, actors, or even editors – themselves, so if you’ve missed Strangled (A martfűi rém) or the story of all Hungarians most precious racehorse, Kincsem last year, treat you to some cultural experience a Tuesday. Thursday is French day at Corvintető, presenting both La Boum-like all-time favorites and fresh pictures you might want to take your special someone out to. Monday remains the night for classics, whether cult trash or comedy, with the season-opening Donny Darko already attracting a huge crowd, but for the rest of the week, we have some even better news: this year, premieres will also take place above Blaha Lujza square.