Best street food places in the ruinpub area - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -

The party district of Budapest is tempting not just because of the great clubs and atmospheric bars, but there are antic and flea markets, small designer shops, and enticing street food places, where you can find anything from around the world. We’ll show you our favorites, taste them through.

Ricsi's World Jewish Street Food

Ricsi, the cosmopolitan chef had traveled around the world then ended up here in Budapest, closely on the corner of Klauzál Square, to open a unique little kitchen in the Jewish district, based on his own experiences. You can try traditional Jewish food, but not the usual cholent or goose with red cabbage, but the New York-style new wave Jewish street food. What you just cannot miss: Ashkenazi knish, it’s a sort of filled pastry with lamb ragout inside. 
Info: Ricsi's World Jewish Street Food, VII district, Dob street 40.
Meat & Sauce

The first Meat & Sauce had been opened on Nagymező Street, now they have a new one on Madách Square too. What they have is only sandwiches, but trust us, not the one you’d think of. There’s loads of meet, amazing sauce and they even dip the whole sandwich into their unique gravy. Yes, it’ll go on ‘till your elbow, but you’ll just love it. The must try confit duck and roast duck liver sandwich. 
Info: Meat & Souce, VI district, Nagymező street 34.

A word traveler musician moved to Budapest, what else he would do than open a really cool street food place for unique pizza slices. The regular pizza slice places’ days gone, here’s the Pizzica in Nagymező Street. Light pastry, raised for 48 hours, authentic Italian tastes of rich toppings. You even can try special combinations too, next to the traditional. And not to mention the shape, it’s square, not round. Whichever you pick, you’ll feel like having a meal on a Roman piazza. 
Info: Pizzica, VI district, Nagymező street 21.

In the early days of the street food and burger revolution, Zing was one of the first with their food truck on the streets of Budapest. They have trucks on the busiest corners, but you can find them on most of the music festivals too. You can’t miss the truck, the nice smell of the roasting beef can be smelled from meters away, and they just can’t disappoint you. We would recommend the chili burger, but if you are brave enough, go for the Guitar Hero. You’ll figure out the name. 
Info: Zing, VI district, Király street 60.

In terms of street food, Karaván must be mentioned. A yard full of food trucks on Kazinczy Street, what has the biggest range of street food in the city. You can find permanent and temporary cooks, but what you always have: good food, nice craft beer, homemade squashes and unique meals to try. What we are excited about is the Samurice’s rice burgers, give it a try!
Info: Karaván, VII district, Kazinczy street 18.

The most typical street food is the hot dog, but it has many opportunities. Töltő in Wesselény Street is really on the top. Above their small place they have a sausage filler, so the “dog” is really the freshest it could be. Crazy good taste combinations in fresh, homemade buns, where the Hungarian and Asian cuisine meet. Variations are always changing, our current vote goes for the Shitake mushroom and wild-boar sausage.
Info: Töltő, VII district, Wesselényi street 31.