Sunday markets in ruinbars - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -

Imagine the perfect Sunday of yours. How would that look like? Would you walk through the terrace of your bungalow to the ocean shore to have your morning coffee? Would you just stay in bed with a good book? Up to some gardening with friends? Or rather have an exotic lunch to discover new tastes? Maybe with lack of ocean but you all can get these, and even more, in Budapest to have a perfect Sunday. 

And one of the key is the good lively, fresh market. We choose you the best of them, pick your favourite.


Szimpla Market is one of the hottest farmer’s market in the capital. Szimpla is the iconic ruinpub of the city, the oldest also, it’s the inevadable scene of Kazinczy Street’s nightlife more than a decade ago. The Sunday Market first opened five years ago, still offers fresh goods from 9AM to 2PM. Still-warm homemade breads and buns, cheese from the farms, jam like granny made it, fresh fruits and vegetables are also available, even for a wee taste, and on top, there’s often live music too. Real countryside experience in the heart of Budapest. 

Location: Szimpla Farmer's Market, VII district, Kazinczy street 14.




In Anker’t ruin bar you find two markets in turns. Sometimes it’s a community vegan market, where you can grab the best stock for your larder, but there are also pop-up cooking workshops or talks about herbs and spices. And, of course, you can try some tasty food rom these fresh and vegan stuff. Or if you would rather care about your garden not your belly, the other market in Anker’t is a Small Garden Market, where the urban gardening is the lead; flowers, herbs, spices is small pots, hand made decorations, and nature cosmetis are in focus. Have a look around and smell the freshness around.

Location: Anker't, VI district, Paulay Ede street 33.


Élesztő is wildly famous of it’s craft beers, but on Sundays it homes the Pancs Gastro Market. The only farmer’s market of the district, but it’s really one of the best. You can find everything you need for a healthy dish, really organic, without artificials and definitely homemade. If you’d be hungry immediately, you are at the right place, the offcome of the community cooking there is always enticing, and actually presented by volunteers of Food Not Bombs and Budapest Bike Maffia, who will pass your money to the indigents of the city so every dish you eat here gives a bit of help to others. 

Location: Pancs Gasrto Market, IX district, Tűzoltó street 22.


But let’s don’t stop at the food and drink part of life, Antik Placc also have to be mentioned. It’s highly popular in the last few years, you can find it in the Klauzál Square Market Hall every Sunday. The building was built in the 1800s, it’s a perfect setting for the coolest antic and design market of the city. From the very old valuables to the handmade nick-nacks, from furniture to instruments and jewellery, you can find pretty much everything if you’re open-eyed. Stir up your flat with a beautify antique sofa or a pretty teapot. Surprise your lover or friends with something unique design or handmade. Come early to hunt down all the treasures and stay late, ‘cause the market hall has good cafés with tasty cakes and food.  

Location: Antik Placc, VII district, Klauzál square 11.