Instant and Fogas ház ruin bar has merged at one spot - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -
More than a year ago the news had been shot up, the popular Instant ruin bar will be closed. For good. The endless nights are about to end at some point. Then, silence. In the last couple of months, gossips spread about the background and the future of the place, especially about an adventurous step: it’ll unite with Fogas ház ruin pub. We all calmed down.  
Fogasház ruin bar
The story of Fogas started in 2009 as a ruin pub, with one room only, then the opened the open-air side, Fogaskert too. In their first two years they homed so many exciting cultural events from exhibitions to underground theater and workshops, and of course, live music and the club itself, but in the last few years they became a music club only, an inevitable ruin club of the capital. 
The history of Instant started just a year earlier on Nagymező Street, in the dawn of the ruin bars. A massive change of their interior design had happened in 2010, this feary-forest-like place became famous and magical for all. Just like Fogas, Instant had cultural events too in their early days, but the music was always the lead. Random Trip, a unique concert series was born here, now they do sold out gigs in Akvárium and A38. The small acoustic gigs called InStart was highly popular too, and of course, all kinds of music in their rooms, with parties ‘till the morning. 
Instant ruin pub
However, their contract ended this year and the landlord would rather open a hotel now, so they had to move. But it’s definitely not the end, it’s a new chapter of something brave and grand, they moved to Fogas to carry on together. Fogaskert stays as we love it, Instant kept some of their foresty magic and added some post-furure, cyberlike design. Their pixel clouds look like someone moved them from Super Mario’s world. 
They carry on with the current music scene DJs and hot parties, but the blending of these two places don’t end just here. There were secret, so far unused rooms, old offices, and cellar what will be opened soon as an addition. Also, rock musicians favorite bar, Robot is opening here with a cool stage for live music and awesome gigs of all kind. And the ones who are crazy for underground electro can start to worry, they won’t sleep music on the weekdays either, the dark and mysterious Lärm upstairs will be open every day and will get some extra space too. 
A brave, grand and unparalleled movement to build up a party complex like this, what has had never seen in Budapest before. We are pretty sure the full opening will be a new dimension of the nightlife, can’t wait for that.
Photo: Juhász G. Tamás