Best outdoor terraces in Budapest - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -

As the weather slowly heats up in Budapest, it’s time head outdoors, fuel up on Vitamin D and get some fresh air. Summer is the perfect season to sit out on a terrace with a cold beer in hand, and Budapest has some great terraces. Check out some of our suggestions for drinking al fresco in the warmer seasons.

Csendes Társ

Just behind Astoria, Károlyi Kert is an inner city garden sanctuary framed inside the gilded wrought iron fences. Sit down with a cup of coffee, or something stronger, and really take the time to smell the roses at this outdoor café when you want to get away from the chaos of inner-city life.

Address: V. district, Magyar street 18. Info: Csendes Társ FB page


Kőleves kert

Located in the heart of the VII District, Koleves Kert is the ultimate outdoor ruin pub. Set in the lot of a turn down building in Kazinczy Street, this little outdoor haven is a wonderful refuge from the heat. Sit among the fairy lights and trees and drink a beer in this garden sanctuary right in the heart of the city’s party district.

Address: VII. district, Kazinczy street 41. Info: Kőleves kert's homepage


Kertem - the next generation

Many hearts broke when Kertem closed down in City Park. Kertem combined the great outdoors with a wave of nostalgia, and the perfect refreshment point for anyone enjoying a day out in the park. However, the good news is that Kertem is back in City Park, albeit in a slightly different location next to Olof Palme House. You can still enjoy the feel of the old Kertem, although the new Kertem has a shiner, newer feel to it, and the historic background of the building next to it adds a new charm.

Address: Olof Palme street 1., info: Kertem FB page




Sometimes it’s good to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city, and Fellini, while technically still in Budapest, is a beachside haven on the banks of the Danube. Set on Római Part, its colourful deckchairs populate this sandy embankment where you can just lean back with a fröccs in hand and overlook the river as it slowly rolls by. The perfect escape when you’re really in the mood to chill out on the beach for the day.

Address: III. district, Kossuth Lajos ü. 5., info: Fellini FB page




Having a drink in the pool is a fantasy that evokes the feeling of being holiday, while Pagony offers you the chance to live this dream, it’s more in the literal sense. Pagony is set inside the old, disused and empty pools that once made up the outer part of the Gellért Baths complex. This recycled space offers a unique bar where you can chill out with friends outdoors, so you can actually have a drink inside the empty pool. Not quite floating above in the sun, but it’s probably cooler

Address: XI. district, Kemenes street 10. Info: Pagony FB page



At the top part of City Park, Pántlika is a retro pavilion where you can feel like you’re partying like it’s 1975 amidst all the communist artefacts. The menu on offer serves a range of Hungarian classics, but you can just come and chill out on the terrace with a drink after a day at the park on a sunny day. It’s worth visiting just for the unique architecture!

Address: XIV. district, Hermina street 47. Info: Pántlika FB page


Corvin Club


When it comes to partying on a rooftop, nothing beats Corvinteto. While this establishment is open all year, in the summer it comes to life, when the terrace opens. Set on top of an old social realist supermarket with sweeping views across the city, Corvinteto is certainly a unique space to drink in the open air, where you can watch the life in the city simply go by, watch a movie on one of their film nights or party until the sun rises.

Address: VIII. district, Blaha Lujza square 1-2. Info: Corvin Club FB page


360 Bar


Rooftop bars started to become vogue in Budapest in the past couple of years, and 360 Bar is one which can boast one of the best views of the city. You can pretty much see all of the city’s most famous landmarks from its expansive terrace, and it’s a magical place to enjoy a cocktail as the sun sets over the Buda Hills, which are in full view.

Address: VI. district, Andrássy street 39. Info: 360 Bar FB page




Set on Mikszáth Kálman Square, sipping a beer or a coffee on Lumen’s terrace feels like being transported to Italy. The neo-Renaissance architecture of the square with its Venetian influences displaces you out of Budapest for a moment or two. The square is quite shady, and Lumen’s position makes it the perfect place to people watch and simply enjoy life as it moves by.

Address: VIII. district, Mikszáth Kálmán 2-3. Info: Lumen FB page