Five places to keep you warm in fall - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -

Even if we have a really nice Indian summer, fall is coming with its cold, greasy weather. Nights are getting longer, but we, urban people are not yet ready to retire into our shells. There are still places where we can have a nice pint, and warm up our hands numbed with cold, and have some chat about the actualities. Hence we gathered together five favourite brew places, what doubtless you need to check out if it’s start raining               

1. Élesztő

Classic craft beer place, one of the pioneers in Budapest. At the place of an old gig club, Tündérgyár, first they only had one bar, with an industrial interior what looks like a decent brewery. Now they have a separate bar for shots and cocktails, runs nice kitchen, a bio juice corner and a tiny wonderland-like café with amazing hot chocolates. It tells something, doesn’t it?

The bartenders are cool and they really know what they sell, they like to offer a bit of a taste too and tell you everything what you need to know about them. Also the range of draughts are decent, actually they have 21 taps what is unique in Budapest. Because of their popularity the place is regularly full, the low noises of friendly bunches of people chatting can be a nice background sound for any conversation. And, of course, to the nice pints.

2. Kandalló

Kandalló is a real gastro speciality, based in Kertész Street. They advertise themselves as handcraft pub, just take it in a good way. They always have tasty and exciting pale ales, but in case you don’t fancy beer, go for the home made squashes. In the other hand in Kandalló food does the lead, especially the burgers.

Made of Hungarian farmer’s products, their burger creations are highly recommended from the basic Kandalló burger to the pulled pork burger. Redesigned gastro pub experience and guaranteed fullness.

3. Felni

A less known but even more important home of good beers in Budapest. Once upon a time nearby Oktogon, in Jókai Street, there was a car wheel repair garage. It crapped out so the place went to this new owner, who confessed himself a very good costumer who likes beer. Since he opened Felni (in Hungarian it means a certain part of wheel), he built up the interior to commemorate the old garage, and keeps educate himself of the world of beers.

Beside the eight, always changed taps, they have a respectfully long list of bottled beer specialities from Hungary and from abroad. They even offer homemade typical beer-side food. Keep an eye on their Facebook page, sometimes they have beer history and tasting courses held by a weird sense of humour history professor.

4. Fekete Kutya

The most friendly and cosy place for Checz and Hungarian beers is Fekete Kutya in Dob Street, almost in front of Ricsi World Jewish Bistro, what is one of the best street food place in town – for us at least. Fekete Kutya has amazing homemade food and very nice beer, also you can grab a decent whiskey or other spirits, or if you fancy some good wine, just ask them to recommend something.

But above all, what we would like to point on is the atmosphere of this place. In spite of its tiny size, it’s one of the liveliest place in the area. Constant buzzing and chatting inside and outside under the arcades. We recommend this not for a calm, solitary evening with a book but for an exciting shelter from the cold rain where it’s impossible to be bored.

5. Lumen

Lumen Café if the most important corner of Mikszáth Square, a kind of place what, a few years ago, we only knew from London or Berlin. However it’s a café on the first place, of course they have draught beer, moreover good craft Hungarian beer and also they offer wine from interesting young Hungarian oenologists.

They regularly have live music nights, mostly jazz or folk, and sometimes they hold small exhibitions too. In their own roaster, they roast the coffee beans for themselves, comes out very tasty, even from the take away cup. But it’s worth to sit in, just order one of their sandwiches to side to your beer. And probably there’s no other place in town where you can find sheep’s milk cheese and carrot cupcake.