TOP 3 ruinpub in Budapest - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -
We have already presented several ruinpubs and made some collections on our website - now let’s get back to the basics. We’ve collected the so called must-see-places - those pubs that you think of immediately when it comes to ruinpubs.
Although it means simples in English but inspite of its name it is considered the very first of the ruinpubs. It is simple the best! A root in the history of ruinpubs. It is located in the Kazinczy Street and attracts thousands of tourists day by day.
The list of its programmes is almost endless: there is a concert every day or dj or films.  Its special charm is the Sunday farmer market with delicates and live jazz music. The owners have thought about the kids as well, they created a palying corner for them.
Every month there is a bike flea market. Opposite the Szimpla you can find a tiny little shop with products directly from the farmers and  there is a bakery ,too. Once a month there is a community market with a wide range of second hand clothes. This is the biggest shop in the city. A few streets away you can find the Szimpla design shop. tip: Do you long for returning to Budapest to the ruinpubs? Imagine, there is a Szimpla in Berlin, too. 
The Instant ruinpub has been existing for almost 7 years - and we still admire its stunning interior, decorations and its graphic collections. Anyone who comes here surely finds a suitable musical style from the seven stages.  If you prefer mainstream music choose the Vaddiszkó stage, and if you are interested in underground electronic music there is the Tilos park stage. It’s a huge place to stroll around - not to speak about that it is open until 6 am! tip: A few steps away there’s an excellent autentic Italian pizza place called Pizzica where the pizza slices are cut by a pair of scissors.
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We like this place since it was opened altough it has changed a lot. It was the first place in Akácfa Street with plenty of cultural programmes. Nowadays it has become an entertainment complex. Upstairs there are hostels, downstairs a lovely garden, the so called Fogas kert. Larm is meant for people enjoying electronic music.



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Liebling is one of the roof gardens having the best atmosphere in the whole city.  The latest attractive place is Schatzi Dress&Bar where you can buy vintage and second hand clothes, accessories etc. but you can also visit echibitions, show sor even filmclubs. tip: this is the place we highly recommend you because you don’t have to go from one place to another  if you want to get to known with this complex and colourful ruinpub phenomenon.