Budapest on new tracks: guided tours by Budapestflow - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -
We launched five years ago and we've followed the way how Budapest's ruined and abandoned downtown buildings turned into bars with special atmosphere and how the ruinpubs became one of the number one highlights of Budapest.
We are still curious to explore the city, the new places and the traces of the happenings - we decided to share this joy also with you. With we have two guided tours and many ideas about how to present you the city in a unique way - join us!
We've planned our ruinpub tour for those how are big fan visiting the ruinpubs and underground bars. Join us to visit Budapest's fascinating party district where we can visit the legendary pubs, and also which are hidden from toursits. If you want more than a simple pub crawl and you are interested in street arts, design shops and underground culture - this is the perfect tour for you.
Life in the party district is always spinning, not only at Saturday night! It is worth visiting on sunday morning? Why don't you try our Sunday morning hangover tour? We guide you through the downtown's coolest places, visiting farmers market and antique and retro flea markets. We show you the nicest courtyards and hidden treasures of Budapest, while exploring one of the best new wave coffee shop in the city. 
Get the bigger picture of the ruinpub! Our ruinpub tour is meant absolutaly for you!