PUB COUPON – How to drink at half priceő - Best ruinpubs and alternative bars in Budapest -

The only thing that could possible compare to the decade-long, unbroken popularity of ruinpubs is the explosive proliferation of coupon promotions. But if we’re lucky, we can certainly find some cases where we can enjoy the best of both.

We Love Ruinpubs connects what is useful to what is pleasant; as part of its service, ruinpub customers can drink at half price until 10 PM, while the places participating in the programme can attract new customers.

The soul of the project is a publication containing 30 promotional coupons. You can by this coupon book for 6000 HUF: that makes every second drink free, and so if you consider it, it comes down to getting every drink at about 200 HUF , whether it’s just a beer or a cocktail. The coupons are not made out to the purchaser’s name, and so can be used by several people: if you want to, you can use all 30 of them in the same place and the same night. Coupons can be spent on beer, wine, spirits (pálinka), coctails, soft drinks and everything you can drink, all seven days of the week – the important point is that you cannot switch styles: if you buy a beer and also redeem a coupon, you can only get another beer for it, not a Bloody Mary or peach juice.

It’s also important to note that one coupon gets you only one free drink: but if you’ve just ordered a round for twenty people at your company Christmas party, you can double all twenty for twenty coupons. You can read more specifics about ‘shots’ and the constantly expanding list of places participating in the promotion at the page linked above.

The popularity of the programme is well illustrated by the fact that it has already grown above the usual frameworks of “drinking (in ruinpubs)” – the coupons are now accepted at places like Morrisons or Monyó. The more than 10.000 coupons used since June are eloquent proof that the thing is working; and this is only the beginning, since this promotional drinking can continue until at least 15 June, 2013!

Naturally, foreign customers are not forgotten: they can buy foreign language editions of the coupon book in some 70 hotels and hostels. Students on ERASMUS scholarships or studying at Corvinus University can also get them at their university and the ESN offices.

Coupons can be used at more than 20 places (including such well-established bars as Instant, Fogasház or Corvintető), and this is also a wonderful excuse to step out of our regular ‘ruined’ comfort zone and discover new places to go. One more reason not to stay at home, even if it’s cold outside: we think this is an excellent idea in the usual season of end-of-the-year Christmas parties and mulled wine.