Ruinpubs in Budapest
  • Best ruinpubs for autum/winter season
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Best ruinpubs for autum/winter season
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 Best street food places in the ruinpub area
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Panda Electroacoustic
2017. december 13.,Szimpla kert
Zsuffa Péter Jazz Jockey
2017. december 15.,Szimpla kert
International Love Affair
2017. december 15.,Fogas ház
Szabola, Fonetik, Matek
FISH! Deo Duo
2017. december 15.,Fogas ház
acoustic concert
Breakbeat Massive Records NIght x Frame
2017. december 15.,Instant
Metha, Kid Panel, Ben Short
Dj Eliot & Séf
2017. december 16. , Fogas ház
soul / funk / break / disco / house
Szimpla farmers market
2017. december 17. , Szimpla kert
From 9 am to 2 pm