Szimpla kert
Szimpla kert
VII., Kazinczy u. 14.
M-S:12:00 - 03 h
+36 1 3524198

Szimpla Kert (Simple Garden) is the pioneer of our ruinpubs. It is really a cult place giving new trends. Undoubtedly the best known ruinpub among the locals and the tourists, as well.

A little Szimpla-history: 2001: the beginning, the heroic age of ruinpubs; after the ’Little Szimpla’ in Kertész street, Szimpla Kert opens in Király street. Little Szimpla later moved to another place (where Tőzraktér can be found today), while Szimpla Kert has been in Kazinczy street 14 since 2004.

Well, it can be anywhere, its atmosphere will always charm you (our favourite piece now is the table made from an old Trabant car). Its programs are as wide and unique as its atmosphere; there is place for the open-air cinema (which is the distributor of its films), for the film festivals and exhibitions, just like for the bicycle fairs, or for the houseplants left there for keep and care. If you want another round, we draw your attention to the other members of the Szimpla-nerwork: the Szimpla Café or its unit in Berlin in Gärtnerstrassen.

Bahama Káosz / Dj Suefo
2014. szeptember 23.,Szimpla kert Est: Szeder
2014. szeptember 24.,Szimpla kert
Dj Kasza Blanka
2014. szeptember 25.,Szimpla kert
Basszuskulcs Csütörtök - A Gidnim Rém
2014. szeptember 25.,Szimpla kert
Zsuffa Péter Jazz Jockey
2014. szeptember 27.,Szimpla kert
Szimpla market
2014. szeptember 28.,Szimpla kert
From 9 am to 2 pm