Fogas ház - Ruinpubs in Budapest
Fogas ház
Fogas ház
VII., Akácfa u. 51
M-SAT:14-04; SUN:16-04
+36 1 783 8820

Fogas ház is a new foundation: it opened on the summer of 2009, and right after the summer season it closed again for a good half a year. After some redecoration and modification, at the end of May 2010 it finally opened its gates again.

Fogas ház takes seriously its mission of being a ´cultural reception space´, like Tűzraktér does a few blocks from here: this is more emphatic than its function as a ruinpub. They are also working out a selection of programmes, but their plans include a galery for contemporary artists, inviting theater groups, concerts, parties and film screenings.

This is not the time to analyse how feasible this likeable model is, but we trust the functions of a cultural space and a ruinpub will work well together.

While you´re here, however, you should pop in to Bangla Büfé at 40 Akácfa utca: the first Bangladeshi place in Hungary. You cannot possibly eat in a smaller place in Budapest.

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International Love Affair
2016. december 09.,Fogas ház
Szabola, Fonetik, Matek
2016. december 09.,Fogas ház
Budai, Metha
Palotai, Bernáthy Zsiga (live), Titusz
2016. december 10.,Fogas ház