Instant - Ruinpubs in Budapest
VI., Nagymező u. 38
M-SUN: 16-06

Instant is settled in the ’Pest Broadway’ area, not in the 7th district. Diversity in one place. Gallery, café, pub, meeting place and a place for cultural events, too. In a place, where the room is turned upside down, and a school of fish passes above your head, anything can happen.

Two tenement houses are opened into one area, where you can go into all of the former flats and rooms, it is a real labirynth. If you want to meet someone in Instant, it is advisable to fix the exact place in advance – to avoid a long discussion on the phone. At the entrance it is already clear, that the group of young artists and designers made an exhaustive job – besides the ’compulsory’ retro elements of the ruin pubs here you can see lots of other clever visual solutions.

Our favourite is the blue school of fish swimming between the ground loor and the first floor, and the ’upside down’ room, where the furnishings (beds, tables, chairs etc.) are hanging down from the ceiling. Wandering around in the rooms of Instant do not be surprised if you bump into bizarr objects, like a sorted out dental chair or a flipper table left here from the 1990’s. For the lovers of arts there is the ´Galéria´ (Gallery), while in the basement area parties, concerts, theatre and other types of perfomances are organized. From the offer of the local club the ’Ablak-A-Dubra series’ with Nagra and Beta on Tuesdays, and the ’Deck Attack party series’ with Infragandhi (known from Radio Cafe) on Fridays should be mentioned in the first place.

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